Riding Lessons

Riding Lessons

At the farm we teaching riding lessons from an english saddle seat riding perspective. We require all riders start in private lessons and work into semi-private lessons (2-3 in a lesson). We work on riding skill sets with each rider to meet the goals they set for their riding experience – exercise, confidence building, balance, or to learning to develop a relationship with a horse – are just a few.

Lessons are 50 minutes long (with the exception of Tiny Tots may be shorter) and include learning safe horse handling, grooming, tacking up and care of the horse after the lesson. Riding is approximately 30 minutes of the lesson time.


  • Private – $50 – required for new rider evaluation
  • Private Prepaid Package – 5 lessons for $240 or 10 lessons for $475
  • Semi-private or group – $40
  • Semi-private Prepaid Package – 5 lessons for $190 or 10 lessons for $375
  • Academy Team Group Lessons – $40 or group prepaid packages
  • Tiny Tot’s under 6 – $50

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Is it better to take private lessons or groups?

There are benefits to private lessons, and benefits to semi-private or group lessons. The ideal schedule is one private and one group lesson per week. In private lessons, the student receives intense individual attention and will progress more rapidly in many areas. However, group lessons are also very beneficial, as the rider must be able to guide around other riders and control the horse in a group. It is also very helpful to watch other riders, and the students in groups learn quite a bit from each other as well. Riders who are interested in showing need to ride in a group as that is what they’ll do in the show ring, and they must be able to maneuver around the other horses.

All new riders will be in private lessons until they have developed some basic skills in guiding, balance and feel confident at the trot. ‘Tiny Tot’s’ will be private lessons until the age of 6.